Contributing Guidelines

  • To install all dependencies (including testing and documentation dependencies) run:

    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  • If you are planning on adding a new feature, please open a new branch in the git repository, named feature-<name of your feature>. To apply a hotfix, do so in a branch hotfix-<what is being fixed>. When you are done with your code, make a Pull Request on GitHub into de develop branch, so that administrators can review your code.

  • Please follow the OOP style used throughout the project. Placing your new code in new files is preferred.

  • Please comment and document your code. Use the NumPy format for docstrings.

  • The project documentation is built using Sphinx and autodoc , with the napoleon extension. In other words, the documentation is automatically built from the docstrings of your classes, methods, functions, etc. To build the documentation open a terminal, cd into the docs folder and type:

    $ make html

    (in Windows, it may be .\make html). The generated HTML files will be under docs/build/html. Make sure the docs/build folder is in your .gitignore file.

  • Please test your code. Tests live in the tests folder, and are built using Python’s native UnitTest library. To run all tests open a terminal in the project source and type:

    $ python -m unittest discover

    The tests might take some time, depending on the hardware you are running them on.